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SDC&A Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

How do I register for class?

Registration is online through our website. Click “Register Online Today” and follow the prompts. The annual registration fee is $28 for one student or $40 for a family. The registration fee automatically renews one year from your enrollment date.

Do you offer trial classes to new students?

Yes, a new student can try any class on our schedule by paying a drop in fee of $18 per class for Pre-Ballet – Level 2, $22 for Level 3 and above. You are allowed one drop in per style of dance, i.e. one ballet class, one tap/jazz class, one hip- hop class etc. Should you choose to enroll in one of the classes you dropped into, your fee for that class can be credited towards your tuition. Please register online prior to attending your drop in class and complete the online waivers.

How much is tuition and how do I pay my tuition?

Tuition is based upon your class level and the number of classes you attend per week. Tuition may be paid Monthly, Single Term (Fall or Spring), Double Term (both Fall and Spring) or Full Year Term (includes Fall, Spring and Summer). Tuition paid monthly must be paid through our online portal. Tuition paid for a Full Term or Double Term will receive a discount and should be paid by check in the studio. Tuition is due on or before the 10th day of the month. Tuition paid after the 10th will incur a $25 late fee. Returned checks or denied credit cards will incur a $25 penalty fee. Our online portal allows you to set up automated monthly tuition payment, which is strongly recommended. You may select automatic electronic funds transfer (EFT, no extra charge) or credit card (with a 2.5% surcharge).

Is tuition prorated for months that have holidays or that the school is closed for breaks?
No, tuition is not prorated for months with holidays or when we close for breaks, such as Spring Break etc. Tuition is billed at a flat monthly rate regardless of how many actual weeks there are in a month. As such, some months have 4 weeks while others have 5 weeks. We do not increase tuition on the months where you end up taking more classes in a month that contains 5 weeks. Therefore we do not prorate tuition for the months when we are closed for holidays and breaks between terms.

How do I know which Level is appropriate for my dancer?

Our Pre-Ballet, Level 1 and Level 2 classes are based solely on the age of the dancer and their ability to follow increasingly complex directions. Following the first class, a brief conference with the instructor can help you confirm if your dancer is in the appropriate level for them.

Students may move into Level 3, 4, 5 and Teen only with instructor permission or with a Level Exam Certification. We offer a Level Exam and Certification near the end of the Spring Term to determine appropriate levels for students going forward. We encourage you to try classes in both your current level and the level above your current one to gauge your comfort in each class. New students who do not attend the Level Exam will be evaluated during their first class to determine their appropriate level.

The following ranking system is used to determine level placement for each dancer. Each Level ranks from Silver to Diamond.

Certificate Award Points Required Additional Details
Diamond: A 99+ points Diamond Award students considered for top student scholarship
Platinum: A+ 96 – 98.99 points
Platinum: A 92 – 95.99 points Advancement to the next level upon earning Platinum Award. Students must be in Level 3 AND rank at this level to be considered for competition team
Gold: A+ 88 – 91.99 points
Gold: A 84 – 87.99
Silver: A+ 80 – 83.99
Silver: A below 79.99

What is the appropriate class attire and where can it be purchased?

Each Level is designated by the color of their leotards and may be purchased directly from the Soo Dance Academy. Students are required to wear the Studio leotard.

Female ballet students should be in their Level colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Male ballet students should be in plain white t-shirts, black tights or black jazz pant and black ballet shoes. Ballet shoe strings should be triple knotted and then trimmed and tucked into shoes. Level 4 and above females should wear canvas flat shoes with sewn stretching ribbons. Pointe shoes must also be sewn with stretching ribbons.

Character students should wear ballet attire and black, low heeled Sansha brand character shoe.

Jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary female students should also be in their Level colored leotard along with black tap shorts or leggings and tan jazz or tan tap shoes. Male students should wear plain white t-shirts with black jazz pants, black jazz shoes or black tap shoes. Students are permitted to wear their Soo Dance Academy t-shirt in these classes.

How do I know when you are closed for breaks?

Generally speaking we follow the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Calendar. We also close for 2 weeks at the end of the Fall and Spring terms. Our Fall term begins one week before school starts in the Fall.

What is the difference between a non-contract, monthly student and a contract monthly or term student?
Each class has a maximum enrollment of 18 dancers. Students who choose the non-contract, monthly option do not have a guaranteed spot in class should they have excessive absences. Students who sign the show participation contract are committing to attend class through the end of the term, beyond the end of the performance season. Their commitment ensures that their place will be held in class for them in the event of multiple or prolonged abscesses, within reason.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on tuition.

What is your withdrawal policy?

Please provide a minimum of one weeks notice when withdrawing from a class.

What is your make-up policy?

You may make-up a class in the month that it is missed at either our San Ramon or Blackhawk location. The class must be the same level or lower than your current class level. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. If for some reason you will miss multiple classes in a month due to personal circumstances, and you are under a Fall, Spring or Year Term contract, you may make up those missed classes within that contract window with permission from your instructor. Extensions will not be allowed for make-up classes beyond the term of your contract.

On time arrival/departure policy.

Students should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class in order to change into their dance shoes and go to the bathroom prior to class. Students who are left unattended during class must have a parent/chaperone arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of class to pick them up. We will charge a late pick up fee of $1 per minute starting at 5 minutes. Children who are not attending class cannot be left unattended in the studio. Pre-Ballet students may not be dropped off, a parent/guardian must remain in the studio for the duration of class.

I would like to participate in a performance. What do I need to do?

Participation in a performance requires a commitment of a minimum of 2 classes per week for Pre-Ballet, Level 1 and Level 2. If the student is in Level 3, 4, 5 or Teen; they must attend 3 classes per week AND the 2 company rehearsals per week. Everyone is required to sign a 5 month term length contract committing to the performance and attend the classes that follow the performance.

Upon enrollment, all students who wish to participate in the performance must commit to attending the school for a 5 month consecutive period regardless of enrollment date.

What is the cost to participate in a performance?

We do not charge a “performance fee”. You are required to cover the expense of your costume, which is determined once the costumes are selected, and a copy of the performance DVD/photographs ($40). Tickets to the performance are sold separately and you may purchase at your discretion

I want to participate in the performance, what options do I have to configure the best classes to meet my interests?
Weekly class requirements are outlined below. Commitment to a performance includes agreement to a Term contract which states you will continue to attend classes and pay tuition for the remainder of the Term once the performance is complete.

Pre Ballet, Level 1

Show participation requires 2 classes a week

Level 2

Show participation requires 2 classes a week
Option A: 2 dance classes a week (2 ballet or 2 non ballet) Option B: 1 ballet class a week + 1 non ballet class
Option C: 1 class a week + show prep class for your level

Level 3, Level 4

Show participation requires 3 classes per week + 2 company rehearsals Option A: 3 ballet classes a week
Option B: 2 ballet classes a week + 1 non ballet class
Option C: 2 classes a week + show prep class for your level

Level 5

Show participation requires 4 classes per week + 2 company rehearsals Option A: 4 ballet classes a week
Option B: 3 ballet classes a week + other non ballet class
Option C: 2 ballet classes a week + 2 other classes + show prep class

Company Ballet Rehearsal

2 company rehearsals per week are required for all Level 3, 4, 5 and Teen students participating in the show. These rehearsal are required and they do not count toward your weekly technique classes. You are allowed 1 excused absence. If you are absent for more than 2 company rehearsals, you will be required to take a private 45 minute makeup. Students who miss more than 5 rehearsals will be dropped from the show. The tuition rate for 2 Company Rehearsal is $135 per term and is in addition to your standard class tuition.

What is the Show Prep Class, why is it required and how much does it cost?

It is our belief that ballet is the foundation of all dance genres. Students who choose course options that do not include the required minimum number of ballet classes per week are not exposed to the same level of technique training as those who attend the minimum number of ballet classes per level. The show prep class is required to help dancers continue to fine tune their technique and choreography. Classes will be comprised of students from the same level and class. Times are predetermined and enrollment for this class opens at the start of each term. Specific dates will be scheduled at set times beginning 6 – 8 weeks prior to the performance. Two classes are required and are 1 hour, 15 minutes in length. The tuition for prep class is $250 per term.

How do I join the Soo Dance Company Competition Program?

Admission to the competition program is open to students in Level 1 and above by audition only. Auditions are held in the late Spring each year.

All competition training will occur on Fridays only. The classes will be broken down to include 4 components; advanced training across ballet, contemporary and jazz/hip-hop, rhythmic floor work, and private training. Each student will receive their 15 minutes of private training while the other component sessions run concurrently. Students will rotate their private training so they do not consistently miss a portion of the same training component each week.

Level 1/2 Student Requirements:

2 regular classes per week + 2 hour Friday competition class each week, tuition is equivalent to taking 4 classes per week, $315 per month
2 private lessons prior to competitions
Must commit to Fall and Spring Term, no drops allowed

Level 3 and Above Student Requirements:

2 regular classes per week + 3 hour Friday competition class each week, tuition is equivalent to 4 classes per week, $379 per month
2 private lessons prior to competitions
Must commit to Fall and Spring Term, no drops allowed

What is the fee for a Private Lesson?

One hour private lessons are $100. 45 minute private lessons are $75. #2 or #3 group private lessons are $70 each student. Privates should be scheduled directly with Soo.

I am only interested in attending classes but not participating in the performance. How many classes are required?
Students who are not participating in the performance are welcome to attend classes.

Pre Ballet/Level 1/Level 2 require 1+ class a week. The last 15 minutes of class are spent rehearsing for the upcoming show. Students who choose not to participate in the show will be excused from class at that time.

Level 3, 4, 5 and Teen require 2+ classes per week. The last 15 minutes of non ballet classes are spent rehearsing for the upcoming show. Students who choose not to participate in the show will be excused from class at that time. Tuition is not adjusted down for students who choose not to participate in the performance.

Do you offer classes for adults? What is the fee?

We offer classes in adult ballet.
The drop in fee is $18 per class or you may purchase a class card.
A 10 class card is $150 and expires 120 days from purchase.
Parents of a student participating in show will receive one free trial class


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