What is the appropriate class attire and where can it be purchased?

Each Level is designated by the color of their leotards and may be purchased directly from the Academy.

Female Ballet students should be in Level 2: Lavender / Level 3 : Turquoise / Level 4 : Black colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Male Ballet students should be in plain white t-shirts, black tights or black jazz pant and black ballet shoes. Ballet shoe strings should be triple knotted and then trimmed and tucked into shoes.

Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop and Contemporary female students should also be in Level 2: Lavender / Level 3 : Turquoise / Level 4 : Black colored leotard along with black tap shorts or leggings and tan jazz or tan tap shoes. Male students should wear plain white t-shirts with black jazz pants, black jazz shoes or black tap shoes.

How do I register for class?

Registration is online through our website. Click “Register Online Today” and follow the prompts. The annual registration fee is $28 for one student or $40 for a family. The registration fee automatically renews one year from your enrollment date.

Do you offer trial classes to new students?

Yes, a new student can try any class on our schedule by paying a drop in fee of $18 per class. You are allowed one drop in per style of dance, i.e. one ballet class, one tap/jazz class, one hip-hop class etc. Should you choose to enroll in one of the classes you dropped into, your fee for that class can be credited towards your tuition. Please register online prior to attending your drop in class and complete the online waivers.

I want to participate in the performance, what options do I have to configure the best classes to meet my interests?

Weekly class requirements are outlined below. Commitment to a performance includes agreement to a Term contract which states you will continue to attend classes and pay tuition for the remainder of the Term once the performance is complete.

Level 2

Show participation requires 2 classes a week
Option A: 2 dance classes a week (2 ballet or 2 non ballet)

Option B: 1 ballet class a week + 1 non ballet class

Option C: 1 class a week + show prep class for your level

Level 3, Level 4

Show participation requires 3 classes per week
Option A: 3 ballet classes a week

Option B: 2 ballet classes a week + 1 non ballet class

Option C: 2 classes a week + show prep class for your level

I am only interested in attending classes but not participating in the performance. How many classes are required?

Students who are not participating in the performance are welcome to attend classes.

Level 3, 4, 5 and Teen require 2+ classes per week. The last 15 minutes of non ballet classes are spent rehearsing for the upcoming show. Students who choose not to participate in the show will be excused from class at that time.

Tuition is not adjusted down for students who choose not to participate in the performance.



Summer classes are based on age not by level. The summer schedule is very flexible for make up classes because we do not prorate tuition. Sign up for as many classes as you think you will be able to make per week. If you miss a class or more you will be able to make up those classes all summer long (June 11th -July 30th). Summer is a great time to work on technique and try new styles of dance. Please remember, when you sign up for a semester you are committing to the entire period (Fall/Spring 5 months, Summer 2 months). If you would like to drop the class, you must submit your request in writing directly to Soo.



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