Class Dress Code

SOO DANCE COMPANY & ACADEMY offers classes for children ages 2 through Professional.


What is the appropriate class attire and where can it be purchased?

Each Level is designated by the color of their leotards and may be purchased directly from the Soo Dance Academy. Students are required to wear the Studio leotard.

Female ballet students should be in their Level colored leotards, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Male ballet students should be in plain white t-shirts, black tights or black jazz pant and black ballet shoes. Ballet shoe strings should be triple knotted and then trimmed and tucked into shoes. Level 4 and above females should wear canvas flat shoes with sewn stretching ribbons. Pointe shoes must also be sewn with stretching ribbons.

Character students should wear ballet attire and black, low heeled Sansha brand character shoe.

Jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary female students should also be in their Level colored leotard along with black tap shorts or leggings and tan jazz or tan tap shoes. Male students should wear plain white t-shirts with black jazz pants, black jazz shoes or black tap shoes. Students are permitted to wear their Soo Dance Academy t-shirt in these classes.



Level 4 & Level 5  Pre/ Adv. Pointe Class


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